Ace Brewer Limited Edition Reservation Deposit

Regular price $79.00

The new ACE Brewer from Brew Bomb is a Cutting-Edge Solution for Cold Brewing at the retail level.   Utilizing Active Cold Extraction with Pulse Brewing, the Ace Brewer crafts 5 gallons of tantalizingly delicious Cold Brew Coffee in 2 hours or less.

Be one of the first to own an Ace Brewer by making a reservation for a Limited Edition unit.  Only 4 Limited Edition Brewers Left.

These units include:

  • Hand built  and are signed by the inventor, Ray Buerger
  • A 2 year top to bottom warranty
  • A 2 year subscription to the Artisan Level service plan
  • $1,500.00 off of the regular price of $7,950.00.  Net investment is $6,450.00.  This deposit is not refundable.

These Limited Edition brewers are nearly sold out.   Reserve your unit today!